Rotarians are known for their helping hand that extends around the world knowing no barriers.

Rotarians in Alice meet on Wednesday afternoons to hear presentations about different activities happening in the community. This past Wednesday their meeting was more of a brainstorming session on how children in the area need Rotarians to mentor them, to care and guide them.

Jim Wells County Precinct 1 Commissioner Margie Gonzalez and Rotarians discussed ways that they could help children who were in desperate need of adult guidance especially for the children whose parents were dealing with narcotic addictions.

Gonzalez sees many children go to school with dirty clothes or hungry because parents have left them to fend for themselves and their siblings. She stressed how important it is to befriend these children at a young age before they fall through the cracks.

Rotarians currently take time out of their day to read to students in Alice ISD. Gonzalez and Rotarians will be meeting to finalize several ideas that were mentioned so that kids wouldn’t to fall to a life of crime or drug use.